Sixteen Design is the culmination of taking everything I learned while working in big city agencies, and putting it to use servicing small town businesses. My experience in the web design industry has given me a significant advantage over the classic, so-called "Advertising Agencies". Most agencies want to sell you as many services as possible, and are willing to build you a mediocre website as part of the package. That is where I differ. I specialize in building websites that are not only beautiful, but also functional and easily found on search engines. Yes, I love building brands and I can also do your full gamut of advertising services, but website design has been, and always will be the focus of my company. Social media management has taken its seat at the table recently, and I have stayed up on all the newest and most effective ways to make your company or business relevant. If you like the idea of working with someone that will take your success as serious as I take my own, then let's chat and see if Sixteen Design is the right fit for us both!

Meet The Team

Gary Shear

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Terry Shear

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